An introductory presentation about testing with MSTest, Visual Studio, and Team Foundation Server 2010

I originally wrote this post back in February 2011 over at my old blog at Because it still receives some hits, I decided to take it with me and copied it to my new blog. With the exception of some necessary HTML polishing, this article is unchanged compared to its previous version.

While it was very quiet here on my blog during the last months, this was not at all true for the rest of my professional life. The simple story is that I was too busy to find the time for authoring blog posts (and you might see from my previous ones that they’re usually not of the ‘Hey, I’m currently reading X’ or ‘I’m currently thinking about Y’ kind…).

Anyway. Among the things I did during the last months were setting up a TFS environment (2010) and introducing a development team to the MSTest framework (aka. Visual Studio Unit Testing), some additional tools (e.g. Moq, Moles, White), how this is supported in Visual Studio, and how it integrates into the broader context of the then new TFS environment.

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